What do we do?

We provide cataract surgery to local people, so they can enjoy life again.

Since opening in November 2018, we have screened thousands of patients and completed more than 2,000 cataract surgeries.

Who are we run by?

Dr Kishore Pradhan, a well-established expert ophthalmic surgeon of Nepal, decided he wanted to open a clinic in Birgunj to help reduce the unnecessary blindness caused by cataracts. He has overseen the project from the initial stages of selecting and refurbishing the clinic. Dr Pradhan, directs the Matrika Eye Foundation, performing cataract surgeries every week whilst coordinating local eye camps to find patients who need surgery. He also has another eye clinic in the Makawanpur District, a 1-hour drive from Birgunj.

Where are we located?

Matrika Eye Foundation clinic is located in the busy trading hub of Birgunj, on the Nepalese-Indian border. Birgunj is situated within the Narayani region, where there are more people suffering from operable cataracts than anywhere else in Nepal.1

What can you do to help?

£20 is all it takes to completely transform someone’s life and let him or her see again. This is the costs of the sight restoring procedure. Donate now.

How are we supported?

The London Vision Clinic Foundation has funded the set-up of the clinic and covers the daily running costs. In addition to this, they donate £20 for every patient they perform laser eye surgery on at their Harley Street clinic in Central London. This enables Matrika Eye Foundation to provide free surgery to those who cannot afford to pay.